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Music Lessons

Why Rent

Renting is an affordable way to try an instrument without a purchase investment, and with no obligation to buy.

Research has now proven that a music education is a vital part of a complete education. Studies show that music enhances higher brain function, that it improves reading and math performance and raises SAT and also IQ scores. Socially, music helps children develop teamwork skills and prepares them for working with others in the future.

Student Rental

In partnership with Music & Arts, we are able to provide the educator-approved, quality instrument your student needs and our great local service – all at an affordable rate!

Whether you need instruments for an elementary school, junior high, or high school student, you'll find the right instrument at a truly affordable price.

If this is for a school program, we work closely with your child's music teacher to bring you quality instruments and classroom materials.

100% of your rental payments can be applied toward the purchase of an instrument!


Rental Benefits

  • Free exchanges when your child is ready for a larger instrument
  • Quality, educator-approved major brand instruments
  • Convenient, flexible rental plans
  • No commitment - Free exchange, return, or purchase any time!
  • Easy and hassle-free
  • In store pickup or free delivery to your child’s school
  • Music Lessons